Low temperature hot melt adhesive Hong Bao -01

Dongguan City, the main production of non-woven Co. Ltd. (business): low temperature hot melt adhesive Hong Bao, low temperature hot melt adhesive HongBao, high temperature hot melt adhesive Hong Bao, TPU hot melt adhesive film, latex foaming, molding temperature hot-melt adhesive film.

The company has consistently adhered to "quality first, service first philosophy," the constant pursuit of quality, excellence, continuous innovation, the introduction of advanced equipment and professional personnel, the establishment of qualityinspection team excellent technology and strict quality management system, layers ofcontrol, in order to provide high-quality products for customers.

With diligently pursuit and customer support, the company has made rapid development. We are like a giant aircraft carrier, steady and confident towards the success of the other side!

The company sincerely invites new and old customers hand in hand cooperation,Gongtuo a future! We believe that our products, services, will bring you an unusualharvest and joy!