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The mass production of low temperature hot melt film forming
From: Dongguan East Tiger New Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd Post date: 2018-03-20


In recent years, with the development of low temperature hot melt Kong Bao, it has rapidly replaced the traditional water port treasure and chemical tablets. More and more shoe factories choose to use low temperature hot melt adhesive products. But the current domestic production of Hong Kong is to treasure roll sheet, after the shoe back to Hong Kong Po, but also cut pieces, cutting edge, but also with a variety of different design or sewing requirements, taking into account the appearance of shoes of beauty and comfort, so the high requirements of various methods, technical requirements for operators is also very high. It caused the difficulty of operation and material loss. Now our factory has introduced a full set of advanced technology to produce one-off molding Hong Kong treasure. The product can be directly produced according to the requirements of different shoes factories and styles of shoes, and can directly produce the gang Bao shaping pieces suitable for every shoe, and send them directly to the production line. No cutting, no trimming, no trimming machine, no need to buy knife mold, no glue, no waste of machine equipment, no waste of manual wages, no waste of cutting edges, and convenient transportation and convenient warehouse management. The use of Hong Kong treasure reached 100%. It greatly reduces the technical difficulty of the shoe factory operation, saves a lot of manpower and financial resources, and greatly improves the production and quality of the shoe making. The future trend of shoe material Hong Kong treasure is the best choice for you to upgrade. You are welcome to visit the company to guide samples to develop and produce.