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Dongguan Dongying new Mstar Technology Ltd production low temperature heat melt toepuffs
From: Dongguan East Tiger New Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd Post date: 2018-03-20


China is the world's largest footwear manufacturing base. Now the development of China's footwear industry is bound to go from the low-end market to the high-end market, upgrading and upgrading is the way to go. Therefore, on the one hand, the demand for shoe material will increase continuously, but at the same time, the demand for environmental protection, energy saving and additional high value shoe material will be greater. Low temperature hot melt film (toepuffs) as one of the most important materials of footwear, changed the traditional leather pulp and chemical Bao Hong Kong Hong Bao, the water softening method and bubble solvent (toluene) softening method, the product is not easy to operate, process more time-consuming, not cost-effective, and there is a stupid harm irritating to the skin and mucosa. Therefore, the traditional Hong Kong treasure belongs to the product which is neither environmentally friendly nor economical, and the low temperature hot melt adhesive is the best substitute for the traditional Hong Kong treasure in recent years.

But the current domestic production of Hong Kong to treasure is coiled material, after the shoe back to Hong Kong Po, but also cut pieces, cutting edge, but also with a variety of different design or sewing requirements, taking into account the appearance of shoes of beauty and comfort, so the high requirements of various methods, technical requirements for operators is also very high, certainly will cause the loss and difficulty of operation of certain materials. Now our factory introduces a full set of production technology and equipment, and produces a one-time molding low temperature hot melt adhesive. According to the requirements of different shoes in different shoe factories, the product can produce the Hong Bao tablets suitable for each shoe. It greatly reduces the technical difficulty of the shoe factory operation, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and reduces the waste caused by cutting edge and cutting edge. It is really the future trend of shoe material Hong Kong treasure production, welcome customers to visit the factory guidance, sample processing!