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The mass production of low temperature hot melt adhesive Po in Hong Kong
From: Dongguan East Tiger New Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd Post date: 2018-03-20

Product introduction

    Usage: suitable for high-grade leather shoes before, boots, shoes, sports shoes lining and rear cover.

    Advantages: the factory production of low temperature hot melt film 100% green biodegradable; yellowing; easy molding, never deformation after molding; good elasticity, with strong rigidity, not because of external force and deformation; low operation temperature, saving energy; for all kinds of materials have good adhesion, without adhesive or coating you can use any additional equipment; characteristics of heat softened its products are non stick in hand of.

    Specification: thickness of 0.4 - 2.0mm roll or sheet. According to the customer's different stickiness, steel, elasticity, glue, color and other requirements to adjust the production different.